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Awe & Wonder, created by Kimberley Goldsmith. Beautiful and enriching baby classes to support your journey and transition of parenthood. Suffolk/Norfolk

Pregnancy Relaxation for Positive Birthing Circles (All trimesters)

Baby Massage for Happy Tummies & Relaxation (Birth to 4 Months)

Bath Babies 💦 Baby Massage & Sensory Play (4 weeks to 7 months)

Gentle Sleep Workshop (Vimeo Link)

Starting Solids Workshop (Vimeo Link)

Sensory & Messy Play Classes (up to walking)

Luxury Soft Play & Sensory Party Hire.

Toddler Soft Play & Sensory Weekend Fun (16 months to 3. years)

Toddler- Led Toileting Workshop (Vimeo Link)

Relaxation Retreats for Mother's

The essence of Awe & Wonder Classes

My classes are planned to ensure your baby's nervous system is well cared for. You are the light of your baby's world and it's about you bonding with baby through love and connection.

We understand that babies brains develop when their needs are met, they are feeling calm and safe, with nurturing touch and sensory integration.

We want mummies feel valued, understood and loved.

My safe and contained circles allow you to explore your emotions, feelings as you ride the wave of Motherhood.

Awe & Wonder strives for excellence - you'll only find calming and developmentally appropriate classes to enjoy!


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Soothing Water Play

& Baby Massage

A unique experience for both Mummy & baby. Water and touch are your babies first sensorial experiences - this course is the perfect combination for your baby's sensory and developmental needs. Bath Babies offers so much value to your baby's unfolding and learning of their body and senses. But is also very much a class for you to unfold, relax and lean into the support our other Mothers in your class.

I completed my training in 2022 and was able to train with my own daughter at 6 weeks old. I am so proud to be one of the first faciliators in the UK and recently been awarded


Bath Babies 💦 now has a waiting list so please do book your term or contact me to avoid disappointment. If you are part of an antenatal group, weekend classes in your home, can be booked which can involve partners too.

Wednesdays @ Thurston New Green Centre

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I am a qualified Tummy Time Play Practitioner and sensory developmental play provides an incredible environment for your baby and their life long learning.

Learning tummy time play positions and holds will boost your connection with your baby as well as your confidence in understanding 'play' and the developmental needs from newborn.

Tummy Time Developmental Play is included within my weekend Specials alongside Baby Massage from 3 months to pre-crawling.

Antenatal groups are also welcome to contact me to book a play workshop together at a weekend which can include partners, around your home.

Baby Massage

Happy Tummies & Relaxation

Newborn babies and up to 14 weeks can suffer with uncomfortable Tummies, as their digestive system develops it is empowering for parents to learn baby massage strokes and containment holds to soothe and relieve baby. By learning the tummy baby massage rhythm you can support babies rest & digest, soothe and comfort.

This workshop runs at weekends to enable both parents to attend and is a baby-led class.

Sensory & Messy Play

Babies need authentic play opportunities. Our sensory classes are designed to gently support your baby's development to happen naturally without overloading their senses from 8 weeks to confident walking.

We use high quality, natural and open ended resources to support their curiousity about their world and develop their attention, concentration, awe & wonder through uniterupted, baby led play.

Tuesdays @ Freedom Cafe, Great Barton with Rachel Hughes

Our calm and inviting environment includes discussion time for parents to get to know each other more, circle time themed play and sensory sensations set up around the room to develop each of their seven senses. You also have time to chat to other mums around the room and build new friendships.

Messy play is used as a tool for sensory integration, to send messages from their barefeet to their brain to build connections. It supports hand - eye coordination and is great bonding!

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'I’ve done two terms with my little boy who is now 7 months. We’ve tried several different baby classes but this is far the best one.

Rachel is amazing and the classes are always so different. My little boy loves the messy play part and

it’s great that I haven’t got to clean up afterwards!!' Emma

Available as a prerecorded workshop alongside links and attachments so you can watch in the comfort of your home, car, walk with a sleeping baby and also with your partner. Starting Solids is exciting, fun and a bonding experience and really very simple. You do not need to overcomplicate it with unrealistic expectations or misunderstanding your role as a parent.

Outstanding reviews and recommendations from now over a hundred parents who have been part of my workshops since 2020.

An investment of £25 for a life long love of tasting new foods and healthy eating attitudes! Alongside peace of mind for parents!

You are receiving my knowledge & skills as a fully qualified consultant with Chilled Mama & Calmfamily. If you are struggling with your toddlers eating please get in touch.

"I have just done this "starting solids" workshop with Kimberley Goldsmith on Zoom along with my NCT friends, and I would highly recommend it to other parents. It is so helpful, so informative and a brilliant workshop where there is plenty of time to discuss, share thoughts and ask questions, as well as being provided with so much useful information. It really has made me feel more prepared and have a lot more understanding about weaning. We have previously done some other weaning courses, and this was soooooo much better!! If you are a bit unsure - it is well worth doing this one! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐" Kate

Soft Play & Sensory Play Party Hire!

My Soft Play & sensory Play hire has now been running successfully for over a year and I've had the pleasure of helping so many Babies and toddlers enjoy their celebrations whether it's a first or second birthday party or a naming ceremony.

My third child, Addilyn, inspired this branch of my business - I didn't want a generic soft play party for her and noone else offered anything more at a great value price, so I just decided it was easier to start my vision myself!

My set up is the pastel rainbow soft play set alongside Montessori wooden climbing and balancing equipment, dark den, music tent, sensory toys, Hoppers, ride ons, stapelstein pebbles, dry messy play and so much more!

I have an incredible inventory of play! It's not just about the soft play but the extra attention to detail with my sensory play. I offer so much more than other local businesses, offering you excellent party value. All of my equipment is outstanding and brand named - only the best!

Please do contact me at

awe-wonder@hotmail.com or 07815122342 to check your date and location as I do get very booked up in advance. I need at least an hour either side of your party to set up and tidy up and if you'd like even more play for your money please consider Cavendish Hall, Thurston or Thurston New Green Centre as I will able to go back for another car load easily!

Play packages are only £200 which includes all you can see in the videos, once you start comparing what your money gets you you'll see what I mean about the play value I add to your celebrations, Kimberley xx

Toddler Soft Play

& Sensory Fun!

But if there isn't a party to be planned you don't need to miss out! Every month I hold my Sunday Play Days. Toddlers from 16 months to 3 years can come along and enjoy the hall full of fun including a playdough table by Little Munchkins and craft table. These are held at Cavendish Hall, Thurston and are open to both parents to attend.

Booking available at www.bookwhen.com/aweandwonderbabyclasses

Meet the Team

Kimberley founded Awe & Wonder in 2016 as her

little boy Oliver turned a year old and she left teaching to

create a home -life balance and to support Mum's on their own transition into Motherhood. Kimberley was an Early Years Leader and teacher for 8 years and has no regrets taking the risk to nurture her business.

Bonding through play and nurturing touch has always been her passion. She continues to strive to create the most beautiful classes and circles for parents and babies and is continuing their journey to become a 1-1 coach for well-being and breathwork.

She now has now two

girls. Emalyn born in lockdown as a home birth on her birthday and Addilyn who is now 2 years old. And she home educates her children alongside a wonderful community.

Rachel has her two boys, Barnaby & Boden, who both attended the sensory & messy play classes with Kimberley. She has created outstanding play, supported parents and has a passion for Early Years since her work at Nurseries and Children's Centres. Rachel joined the team in 2022 and runs my Sensory & Messy Play classes at Great Barton, Freedom Cafe on Tuesdays. I will forever be grateful to Rachel for taking over these classes for me, as it meant I could attend with my third baby Addilyn and we absolutely LOVED them! (Of course!)