Water's Touch ~ Bath Babies

Water is known to give us a sense of peace and serenity. Research has found less cortisol (the stress hormone) and more serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine (the feel-good hormone) in people as they spend time in, on and around the ocean!

And in Water’s Touch, Bath Babies, I bring the ocean to your baby! Over our five weeks together we will learn the nurturing holds and moves in the water for babies from 6/8 weeks up to 6 months.

As our babies guide us in the water we will learn about recognising and meeting infant cues, their communication and baby-led movement. Each week we will begin to add sensory enjoyment to the water - sprinkles, cups, ribbons, scarves, mirrors, lights, rhymes…

This is a truly unique and relaxing experience for your baby, that will fill you with a deeper level of bond to your baby (I completed my training with my own 6 week old and she still loves it, now 6 months old!) It will also support your baby's water confidence, so if ‘swimming lessons’ for your young baby in half an hour don’t fill you with excitement this is definitely the class for you!

“This is the perfect class to bond with your baby, connect with other mums and support your baby's development in and out of the water. Kimberley provides such a wonderful atmosphere that makes everyone feel calm, happy and valued. I left every session with River in a calm contented mood and I personally felt rejuvenated and positive even when I had turned up in a stress. Thank you so much!” Sarah
"Baby massage is an amazing class to go to and every mum should do it with their babies. If there was one class I would recommend, it would definitely be this one. Kimberley makes you feel so welcome and being a first time mum, she also makes you feel relaxed and encourages you to do whatever you need to do for you and your baby, whether this is walking around, feeding or letting them sleep. We loved our Monday baby massage sessions and can't wait to begin our sensory classes in a few weeks!" Hannah

Benefits for Your Baby from this term

  • Bonding; social development, eye contact, oxytocin, feelings of safety, helps baby and parent learn about each other
  • Relief; colic, wind, teething, coughs and colds, sinus congestion, skin conditions
  • Relaxation; calming and soothing, helps with relaxation and sleep, lowers heart rate and blood pressure, gives valuable ‘quiet time’ with your baby
  • Strength; increases muscle tone and blood flow
  • Development; improves brain to body connections, helps the lymphatic system, promotes immunity, increases body awareness

We certainly won’t forget about your own comfort though Mummies as our cup needs filling back up too…

What is included within your Water’s Touch & Baby Massage?

  • 5 Thursday afternoons together for 90 minutes
  • Time in the baby baths each week with parent handouts
  • Baby Massage rhythm practised with handouts and a free bottle of massage oil
  • Refreshments
  • Discussion time for mummies on hot topics or tailored to your needs

Additional Loveliness for You & Your Baby

  • Time to discuss and be supported in Fourth Trimester, infant cues, containment holds, colic/reflux baby wearing, cloth nappies, newborn+ sleep, starting solids. As a parenting consultant with three children of my own I can really support you to understand responsive parenting
  • Breath work for relaxation
  • Gentle yoga inspired stretches
  • Receive a space for journaling and prompts
  • Stretchy wrap and Zensling demonstrations
  • Framework to use to support you in calming your baby
  • Newsletter full of supportive information for you and baby
  • Facebook Group to join for continued support and arrange buggy walks
  • Goody bag

This course will be 5 weeks long, with each class running 90 minutes. The investment for you and your baby is £75 which includes learning baby massage, bath time to practice Water’s Touch each week, relaxation, refreshments and and circle time for parents. You will receive a bottle of oil to take home free as well as parent handouts.

As well as being trained with Water’s Touch, I am also a qualified Baby Massage teacher with the International association of Infant Massage and have trained with Mother for Life to bring women together in Circles to support your well-being and bring nourishment to your week.