Toddler-Led Toileting Workshop

Continue following your child's lead for an easier and less stressful journey with toileting! From 18 months.

"I went to Kimberley’s Toddler Led Toileting workshop and can’t recommend it enough! It was a really informative and I came away armed with knowledge, ideas and felt a lot more reassured about the next milestone ahead. Thank you Kimberley." Kathryn

Having a positive, responsive, child-led approach to starting toileting has many benefits. Starting toileting should not be a box tick exercise for parents to say they have got their child through the next hurdle. It is a physiological, cognitive, and psychological developmental stage that children need our support through.

You will be supported to understand the steps of development in toileting and what helps/hinders our children in using a potty or toilet. You will learn what to expect for night time toileting and how to deal with issues that may arise. Empower yourselves to respond to your toddlers needs with confidence!

Gather in your home with Mummy friends or attend a workshop running at Nowton Village Hall. This workshop can also be arranged as a small group Zoom or see my consultation page for one to one support.

Please email me at if you cannot see when our next workshop is.