Sensory & Messy Play

"Harry loves his sensory classes! He loves the sing songs and playing at all the different stations plus seeing all his little buddies 😊 starting at baby massage it was a great reason for me to get out of the house as a new mum and meet other parents. One of the main bonuses of these sensory classes is the messy play as I don’t have to clear it up! All joking aside, it gives me more confidence as a mum to find new things - even just around the house - to entertain him with. Would recommend to everyone!!" Katie

A class loved by parents and babies! A wonderful sensory class which enables you and your baby to bond through play, with beautiful open ended toys. We develop your confidence in open ended play, through treasure baskets and messy play, which supports your baby to develop socially, physically and emotionally.

The term will truly create magical maternity moments for you and your baby, with space for building friendships yourself. Each class in your term has a unique theme and provides messy play, dark den light play, treasure baskets, instruments, songs and movement and much more!

A note from Kimberley

I ran these for four years before the pandemic, when I was pregnant with my second child, so began to shield. This is where Awe & Wonder began, I could not find a quality sensory class to attend with Oliver that I decided to create my own. As an Early years teacher I really wanted to find an intimate class which was about bonding with my baby through sensorial play that was not overwhelming and that allowed me to let my baby lead. Most classes are about the leader jumping and singing at the front, becoming entertainment (or an intimidating loud person!) for your baby which completely removes you as the parent to support your babies needs.

I had fallen in love with wooden toys, soft flowing silks, natural objects for loose part play and heuristic play through treasure baskets to develop babies schemas and language. Classes incorporate messy play to support hand-eye coordination and provide you with confidence to provide your baby with a variety of tastes and textures through their starting solids window or opportunity. Everything is so carefully thought out to provide new experiences for each class and allow you to return home with lots more ideas for open ended play!

I was devastated that I couldn’t attend my classes with Emalyn due to the pandemic so when I became pregnant with Addilyn I was so hopeful that it would work out this time! After completing a term heavily pregnant in Nov/Dec 2021 my wonderful friend Rachel Hughes decided to take the plunge on her own maternity, and begin running classes for me!!

So Addilyn & I started when she was 14 weeks old and now going into our third term, I feel so blessed, they are truly fabulous, the highlight of our week and such an important time for some one to one play together. We will keep going until she is walking, and it is going to be incredible watching her development throughout and her interests around the sensory stations in the room.

Meet your sensory class facilitator!

My name is Rachel and I have two young children.

I have 15 years experience in early years in nurseries and children’s centres. My passion is to provide the best quality experiences for children to learn and develop, which led me to Awe & Wonder.

I attended Kimberley’s amazing sensory classes with my eldest and since then there has been no other class like it, especially since having my second child.

I have been delivering sensory and messy play sessions since March 2022 and I’m loving seeing all the babies explore and watching their curiosity grow!

For any enquiries, please email Rachel at