Pregnancy Mother Circles

Welcome to the first of my Pregnancy Circles, our theme will based around the transition for your baby and yourself from womb to world and support you in communication from your baby and from you to your baby.

Feel more relaxed, supported and prepared for baby and what to expect once they are in your arms. There is always a focus on the birth so it can be a bit of a shock when you realise your baby is solely dependent on you but you have no clue … literally no clue about what they are asking of you!

The first hour will be for our pregnant mama's and then if partners wish to attend the final hour then they are more than welcome. They will then be able to engage in the theme learning, discussion and demonstrations. Our venue is next to Nowton Park so they can slip through the stile and enjoy a walk whilst you meet the other mummies, relax and share in the first hour.

We will cover a range of topics to support you in understanding your newborn baby and new tools to empower you to meet the needs of your baby with more confidence and trust in your own motherly instincts. All information is only ever based on the scientific biological understanding of babies from a responsive parenting context.

We will cover communication through infant cues and what to look for, nurturing touch and baby wearing with demonstrations of baby massage and using a stretchy or zensling (soft buckle carrier).

There will be relaxation for yourself as well as nutritious refreshments. There will be lots of time for sharing our journeys so far, enabling you to build new friendships.

What is included within your Pregnancy Mother Circles?

  • Time and space with other pregnant mamas to build relationships with as your listen and share, judgement free, about your journeys so far
  • Time to relax and practice mindfulness techniques as well as journaling prompts
  • Guided meditation scripts for use at home by your birthing partner
  • Core themes to support your understanding of biological behaviours of a newborn, their infant cues, crying/colic and ways to support your baby and yourself into a new transition
  • Demonstrations using a stretchy wrap, buckle carrier and baby massage
  • Well-being pamper time
  • Nutritional refreshments and snacks as well as ideas for freezable meal planning

This class is for pregnancy within your second and third trimesters, it is 2 hours together and costs £25.