Mothers Circles

It is here!

The space we all need to come and be and breathe!

Parenting is challenging, we are all doing an incredible role, with many plates spinning and our heads held high. But we weren't supposed to do this alone, we need a village or a circle of women, all experiencing the highs and lows of Mothering!

This space is created for you to come and share your journey so far with all its amazing wins but also where we can share about the challenges.

You are not broken, there is nothing to fix but we may need opportunities to feel held, safe and not judged as we take our time to be. Sharing is wonderful, though you do not need to share but listen.

We will also relax through gentle yoga inspired stretches, journalling, nature mandalas and affirmations.

Refreshments will be provided and great company!

90 minutes together at Nowton Village Hall