Welcome to Awe & Wonder, Parenting with Calm

Connection is absolutely vital to your well-being and as you navigate this rite of passage of birth and motherhood I would love for you to know that with Awe & Wonder you will feel supported and connected. I feel called to this role of working closely with Mothers because of the three unique births I have experienced. The discoveries I have made about birth, Motherhood and myself have been complex but beautiful. My work is to support and empower women to own their births and to enable you to create connections with others to keep you afloat as you transition into Motherhood. Life is supposed to be easy and enjoyable so we need to be part of a community that understands and allows us to be our authentic selves, free from judgement. It is so refreshing and healthy to realise there are others going through what you are and that you don’t need to do it alone.

When we are socially connected to others we are less likely to have anxieties and suffer from depression. Often we find ourselves with a newborn, after our partner has returned to work and the well wishers have resumed their everyday lives, feeling isolated and lonely - trying to make mum friends is like dating all over again!

"Kimberley is obviously very passionate and knowledgable about her chosen craft. She is easy to listen to, values individual experiences providing bespoke advice. We particularly found the workshop on baby sounds and also the toddler toilet training invaluable."

My classes are here to serve YOU with supportive, caring and non-judgemental love through true connection with others. I don’t believe in classes that are purely entertainment for baby, especially at such young ages, what your baby needs is YOU with a full cup or empowered with the tools to understand how to fill your cup back up when it is one of those bad days.

I have a background of Early Years education and supporting parents but since leaving eight years ago I have continued to use my own experiences of motherhood to guide myself in creating safe and calm spaces for you. I have continued my professional development by training as a Parenting Consultant with CalmFamily, IAIM Baby Massage, Water’s Touch Bath Babies and Mother for Life.

"Kimberley has a detailed wealth of knowledge at hand to help us understand things from a different perspective. She is so easy to talk to and get on with and we came out feeling so much more positive about our little ones development." Tom

I have three children - 7, 2 years and 5 months. Their births all unique and my experience of the fourth trimester completely different. I felt so lonely and isolated with my first, my friends back to work and having not had children themselves had no clue to what I could be experiencing silently. I lost all my confidence, it became difficult for me to have a conversation using eye contact and I just felt so unworthy and completely boring! My anxiety was so high that I couldn’t face returning to work. The support for new mums was non-existent and I needed to change that!

So welcome to my beautiful and unique classes

Kimberley, xxx

"I discovered Awe & Wonder when I was looking for a baby massage class to go to with my son. We have gone on to do the sensory play and I would thoroughly recommend both! We look forward to the sensory play each week and it gives me ideas of things to do with my son at home as well.
If you only do one class with your baby make this it!
PS Kimberley is so so lovely x" Rebecca