Gentle Sleep Workshop

This is a Gentle Sleep workshop to support you with the practical tools and information you need to know you are not failing when it comes to sleep for your baby or toddler. Awe & Wonder supports you to support your child to feel safe, loved and respected in your approach to helping everyone get more sleep.

We will cover sleep science, managing sleep expectation, why a gentle approach works and age appropriate sleep ideas. I will also provide you with a hygge sleep checklist, guided meditations and sleepy stories, a massage routine to encourage relaxation, recipes for melatonin rich bedtime snacks and guidelines for creating an aromatherapy sleepy oil for the bedtime routine.

Gather in your home with Mummy friends or attend a workshop running at Nowton Village Hall. This workshop can also be arranged as a small group Zoom or see my consultation page for one to one support.

Please email me at if you cannot see when our next workshop is.

"I attended Kimberley’s sleep workshop yesterday and it really made me understand that I have been thinking about my baby’s sleep from a parents perspective and not from my baby’s perspective. I now understand my baby’s brain and biology development, his needs, his feelings and his sleeping environment. I can take what I have learnt and feel confident going forward with his sleep.
Kimberley made me feel very at ease, comfortable and valued throughout. I would highly recommend this workshop and I have benefited greatly from attending." Claire