Bespoke consultations to tailor your family's needs

"Kimberley was recommended to us for some help with our toddlers toilet development. She was fantastic in helping us recognising areas to improve and try things slightly differently. She has a detailed wealth of knowledge at hand to help us understand things from a different perspective. She is so easy to talk to and get on with and we came out feeling so much more positive about our little ones development. We are looking forward to doing some of your other workshops with our newborn in the near future! 😀" Tom William

As a parenting consultant, I can support you with a variety of themes such as sleep, behaviour, food and toileting. From newborn to 5 years - if you have any part of your relationship under strain please get in touch.

The support you will receive is based around our innate human biology, the attachment theory and love. 100% love for our babies and realistic expectations of them and ourselves. We will go into the scientific research and how you can naturally support your baby and yourself in these areas.

I only believe in following your baby or childs lead and never with any tears from them.

My workshops are one to one or small group via zoom currently (due to having a newborn myself) If you would like to arrange one these can be evenings from 8pm or over a weekend.

A two hour workshop is £45 and will empower you and support a calmer relationship for yourself and child based on trust and respect. No need for you to trawl through websites and books, confusing yourself with controversial information!

Let me guide you to create your own toolkit that works for your family!

  • Newborn & Fourth Trimester (Up to 12 weeks)
  • Baby Sleep Workshop (From 4 months)
  • Starting Solids (From 4-7 months)
  • Toddler Led Toileting (From 18 months)

I also support with play and building better brains, behaviour, toddler sleep and toddler eating. You can find more information at