Supporting your baby's sleep ~ Responsive Parenting for Calmer Relationships ~

"I attended Kimberley’s sleep workshop yesterday and it really made me understand that I have been thinking about my baby’s sleep from a parents perspective and not from my baby’s perspective. I now understand my baby’s brain and biology development, his needs, his feelings and his sleeping environment. I can take what I have learnt and feel confident going forward with his sleep.
Kimberley made me feel very at ease, comfortable and valued throughout. I would highly recommend this workshop and I have benefited greatly from attending." Claire Johnson

If you’re struggling with your baby’s sleep and wondering if they’ll ever sleep through the night – then this workshop is for you.

My sleep workshop is very different from others that you may have come across. Our gentle suggestions, tools and techniques are all based on sound scientific evidence. We guarantee that they will not result in any tears or cause any harm.

I'll help you to understand:

  • What normal baby sleep looks like
  • Gentle techniques to help your baby sleep more - two frameworks to support your baby
  • Gentle techniques to help your baby sleep more
  • How to balance your needs with your baby's needs

We will cover a lot more so you leave the workshop confident and reassured. It is approx. two hours long and you will receive a pack of handouts either by post or email (whichever you prefer).