Baby & Mummy Nurturing: Baby Massage and Mothers Circles

"Baby massage is an amazing class to go to and every mum should do it with their babies. If there was one class I would recommend, it would definitely be this one. Kimberley makes you feel so welcome and being a first time mum, she also makes you feel relaxed and encourages you to do whatever you need to do for you and your baby, whether this is walking around, feeding or letting them sleep. We loved our Monday baby massage sessions and can't wait to begin our sensory classes in a few weeks!" Hannah Hughes

An empathetic, supportive term to aid your transition into motherhood. Not only will you be taught the prestigious massage strokes of the International Association of Infant Massage but you will be supported in all areas of parenting through my CalmFamily training as a Parenting Consultant, leading in responsive parenting.

It will involve discussions and eating cake and drinking a hot drink! This a relaxed class, where you are encouraged to meet the needs of your baby.

This is a five week term and it is truly my most favourite class to facilitate - the bonding of baby massage between you and your baby is so overwhelming x