Welcome to my beautiful baby classes, full of Awe & Wonder. I offer high quality baby massage and sensory play providing an enriching environment for learning through play. I have founded Awe & Wonder with love, passion and dedication so that your precious maternity leave together is full of cherished memories.

One of our wonderful reviews from a mummy / midwife (June 2019)

As midwives we encourage all new mothers (whether it’s their 1st or 4th baby) to engage in local antenatal and postnatal mother and baby classes/groups; during what can often be an extremely lonely time for lots of mothers; to help encourage and create a positive emotional wellbeing, whilst making new friends and often facing the difficulties of motherhood together.

Awe & Wonder, ran by Kimberley Goldsmith, is a unique mother and baby group which creates a fun, safe and therapeutic environment for mothers of all ages and walks of life to meet, share experiences (both the joys and woes of motherhood); learn to be creative and bond with their babies and especially make long lasting friendships which are vital in supporting and nurturing a healthy emotional and mental wellbeing within new mothers.

Having attended this group with my son, from 3 months of age, first through Baby Massage and then moving onto Baby Sensory with our new mummy and baby friends, I can safely say I have first hand experience in how truly wonderful this class is. Mothers feel welcomed and valued, encouraged to be unique and form a close bond with their babies through creative play, relaxation, different forms of interaction and exploration. For me it was the one thing that made, what can often be a lonely time for a new mother, such an enjoyable priceless experience. I have so many wonderful memories that I shall cherish always, bringing my beautiful baby to this class.

Highly recommended!

With love, The Anonymous Midwife/ mother, (June 2019)